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Information about teaching during the pandemic

Teaching mode in the summer semester 2022 at the Faculty of Engineering

If the Corona pandemic conditions permit,, the University of Freiburg is planning to offer in the summer semester 2022 classroom instruction (offline) with full capacity and 3G* controls. That means, classroom instruction will be the standard teaching mode (as long as infection and hospitalization rates allow it).

Nevertheless, taking into account that some students will still not be able to travel to Germany or are part of a risk group, the Faculty of Engineering has decided that these students shall still be facilitated to complete some courses online (depending on the course type):

Lectures: Video live stream and/or recordings will be made available
Tutorials/exercises: Online participation will be facilitated (e.g. by offering a live stream or recording of the tutorial sessions or additional Q&A sessions or online forums)
Seminars: Online participation cannot be guaranteed for all seminars
Lab courses: Online participation cannot be guaranteed for lab courses
Examinations: Online participation cannot be guaranteed for examinations

Please note: This applies only to courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering, not to courses imported from other faculties and departments (e.g. Math, Chemistry, Physics).

*3G = participants must be vaccinated or tested or have recovered from Covid

(edited Feb 18, 2022)

Information about all things related to examinations 

The examination office provides lots of detailed information (about special topics regarding the Coronavirus situation as well as the general rules, regulations and processes for examinations ("Prüfungsleistungen")) on this website:  

(edited: June 28, 2021)

Use of seminar rooms for self-study in the winter semester 21/22

Since there are not enough learning workstations available in libraries and learning rooms at the University of Freiburg, the Faculty of Engineering has received several requests to use lecture rooms that are temporarily not used for courses as a room for group work or for watching online lectures on one's own notebook.

In alignment with the Office of Occupational Safety and Health we are now able to accommodate this request for the use of teaching rooms in Building 101. The following regulations apply:

  1. You register in the faculty library on the 2nd floor of Building 101.
  2. You prove that you have been vaccinated or recovered with regard to Corona (2G rule)
  3. You will receive an "authorization card". Cards will be issued to a maximum of 75% of available teaching room space.
  4. You will find yourself a teaching room in building 101 that is not occupied by a course.
  5. You always wear a medical mask or a mask that meets the requirements of the standards FFP2 or a comparable standard.
  6. You are not allowed to eat and/or drink in the teaching room.
  7. You will return the "authorization card" to the library after using the teaching room.
  8. If a teaching room must be used for a course, you must leave the room.

(updated 29 November 2021)

Information material and short video tutorials

Below you will find short video tutorials and information material on topics related to starting your study program course (i.e. for first-year students in both Bachelor and Master degrees) and on topics that are of interest to students in all semesters (e.g. on certain topics relating to the examination office, seminar registration or project registration in Computer Science etc.).

Please note: The collection will be expanded steadily in the coming days. So it's worth taking a look every now and then...

Material and Video tutorials on the Bachelor programs

..can now be found here.


Material and Video tutorials on the Master programs

... can now be found here.

Material and Video tutorials on the various topics (not study course related)

can now be found here.