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Information for new students


In the first semester everything is new. A lot of procedures might be different from the ones at your previous school or university. Therefore we have gathered the most important information for new students on this website:

Matriculation (or Enrollment)

To become a student of the University of Freiburg, you have to matriculate after having received the admission letter from the International Admissions and Services Department (IAS) of the university. IAS is located in the Student Service Center on Sedanstrasse 6.

Pre-course in Mathematics

The pre-course in mathematics (offered by the student council every year in October) has mainly been designed for new undergraduate students. More information about the pre-course can be found here.

Course Booking (or: Course Registration)

You should register online for each course you want to take in the first semester. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

UniCard (Student ID Card)

A few weeks after matriculating, the university will send you a letter with your student ID card (called UniCard). You can find out which features the card has on the UniCard website. Please note that you have to activate your card at one of the UniCard terminals (e.g. in building 101, ground floor, next to the elevator). At the beginning of each semester, you will use this terminal to print the new validity date on your UniCard.

University User Account

After matriculation you will also receive information about your user account for the central IT services. You will need this user account to, for example, book your courses, register for exams, and more. You can find more information about the university user account here.

TF User Account

In building 082 of the Faculty of Engineering, there are several computer labs that you can use if you have a user account of the Faculty of Engineering (called TF user account). You will also need a TF user account to receive emails that are sent to the faculty's student mailing list. Please ask the pool managers in building 082 (1st floor, opposite the entrance to the cafeteria) to set up a TF account for you.

User Account for the University Library

The UniCard is also your user id for the library. Nevertheless, you have to register yourself before using the library for the first time. You can either register online (website is in German) or ask the librarian of the Faculty of Engineering to set up an account for you.


As a student of the University of Freiburg, you have access to the WiFi network, "eduroam", which is available on the university's campuses all over the city. Instructions on how to install this WiFi network on your mobile phone and computer can be found here.

Semester Ticket

The semester ticket enables you to use all means of public transport in Freiburg and surroundings for only 94 Euro per semester. The semester ticket for the winter semester is valid from 1st October to 31st March, while the one for the summer semester is valid from 1st April to 30th September. Even if you don't have a semester ticket, your UniCard allows you to travel for free every night from 7:00 p.m. onwards.