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Dr. Can Dincer received the Adolf Martens Prize 2018 in the category "Analytical Chemistry" from Adolf Martens Fund Chairman and BAM President Prof. Ulrich Panne. Source: BAM

Adolf Martens Prize for Dr. Can Dincer

Microsystems engineer Dr. Can Dincer was awarded the Adolf Martens Prize 2018. » more

In the future, starter kits will be available in selected supermarkets for the conclusion of contracts. Photo: WEtell

A Sustainable Promise

Freiburg start-up WEtell offers green and fair mobile communications » more

In a study, researchers at the University of Freiburg introduce the first electrochemical CRISPR biosensor that is to help improve the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. Photo: Richard Bruch

Using Gene Scissors to Detect Diseases

Researchers present sensor prototype that can rapidly, precisely, and cost-effectively measure molecular signals for cancer » more


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Study and Research at one of the most research-intensive engineering faculties in Germany

Founded in 1457, the University of Freiburg is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. Its Faculty of Engineering was created in 1995 in order to combine the course offerings under one interdisciplinary umbrella through technologies of the future such as microsystems engineering, embedded systems, sustainable systems and computer science.

Working on "feeling" prostheses, developing autonomous robots, making intelligent, self-healing materials or researching "green" technologies and dealing with sustainable energy systems and materials - our engineers and computer scientists make visions come true and make contributions to change the world for the better.

Research and teaching are closely intertwined so that the latest research findings flow directly into teaching. It benefits our students immensely who get to actively participate in solving future societal and technical issues.

One Faculty – Three Successful Departments

With our unique nationwide constellation that includes

  • a Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK)
  • a Department of Computer Science (IIF)
  • a Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH)

and the cooperation with five Fraunhofer institutes along with the Hahn-Schickard institutes, we offer an ideal environment for research at the highest level.

Modern Campus

The Faculty has an excellent infrastructure directly on its own campus: short distances, modern technical equipment (including a clean room), extensive e-learning services, its own library and extended opening hours. We offer students and researchers excellent working, research and learning conditions.

European Campus – Trinational studies

Through the consortium of universities in the Upper Rhine bordering Germany, France and Switzerland in the "European Campus" - EUCOR, students have access to lectures at the other member universities, gain experience abroad and strengthen their language skills.

In Demand in Business and Research

Our graduates are highly sought-after engineers and computer scientists in business and research throughout the world. Whether in the USA, in Asia, in Europe or here in the region - we are proud of our alumni who are active in the most varied fields of medical technology, automotive industry, software companies and more. Want to start your own business? Wee support our graduates in these endeavors as well and look forward to many successful start-ups over the years.

Smart: The Department of Computer Science

Developing robots that work independently, computers that learn to understand images, mind-controlled prostheses or algorithms that are getting faster and smarter – that’s how exciting and diverse computer science is in Freiburg. We teach and research on topics that will shape our everyday lives in the future.

Topics in Freiburg include:

  • Cognitive Technical Systems:
    i.e. robotics and autonomous intelligent systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, image processing and computer graphics
  • Cyber-Physical Systems:
    i.e. verification and analysis of hardware and software systems, software development and programming language, embedded systems
  • Information Systems:
    i.e. theoretical and applied algorithmics, networks and distributed systems, data management and communication, bioinformatics

Designing the Future!

Micro: The Department of Microsystems Engineering

For major challenges, microsystems engineering develops solutions that are smaller than a human hair - for example, a complete laboratory on a chip. Microsystems engineering is used wherever intelligent, space-saving and energy-efficient solutions are required:

  • Medicine and diagnostics
  • Communication and IT
  • Automobile and mobility
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Future Technologies

With 25 professorships, we are one of the world's largest and leading academic research centers in the field of microsystems engineering.

Visions became reality!

Green: The Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has been active from an engineering perspective with its own institute of sustainability research since 2015.

The focal points of the Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH) conceived together with the Freiburg Fraunhofer institutes include:

  • Sustainable materials that can be produced and used in an energy- and resource-efficient way
  • Energy systems that enable a reliable supply of renewable energy as well as its storage and efficient use,
  • and so-called resilience, which ensures the resilience and adaptability of systems to short- and long-term changes, such as natural disasters or climate change.

Changing the world for the better!