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Successful study at the Faculty of Engineering


One of Germany's top performing universities

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Practical courses during the studies


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The excellence of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in research and teaching is regularly shown in various national and international university rankings
  • Gain practical knowledge in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in addition to in-depth technical knowledge
  • Participate in exciting competitions


Special feature:


Modern campus
with brilliant infrastructure                                 




Photo: Sandra Meyndt


Photo: Sandra Meyndt


Photo: Sandra Meyndt

  • The first semester in the engineering programs is the same
  • Study Microsystems Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering or Sustainable Systems Engineering and change easily after the first semester
  • Meet people from more than 50 nations
  • Make international contacts
  • Strengthen intercultural competencies


Great career opportunities in various industries


Professionally accompanied from start to finish


Study in Freiburg - one of the most beautiful cities in the world


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Photo: Sandra Meyndt


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    • Medical technology
    • Electronics and semiconductors
    • Automotive industry
    • Aerospace technology
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Sustainable technologies
  • Students of the Faculty of Engineering:
    • Counselling (general advising, examinations office, program coordination, counselling for prospective studens of the master's programs, doctoral and post-doctoral program)
  • Freiburg is well known for its extremely high quality of life, its commitment to being a “Green City” and its vibrant student life.
  • The sunniest city in Germany was voted one of the top three best cities in the world by the travel guide Lonely Planet.
  • Freiburg appeals equally to fans of nature, culture or the simple pleasures of life.
  • Located less than an hour by train from France and Switzerland and surrounded by green hills and vineyards, Freiburg’s ideal geographic location offers its more than 30,000 students boundless opportunities for relaxation and exploration.


Then check out which degree program suits you best!

Microsystems, Embedded Systems or Sustainable Systems - which engineering degree program should I choose?

The Online Studychoice Assistant (OSA) of the University of Freiburg can help you with this question!

Discover the differences and similarities of the bachelor's degree programs

  • Microsystems (MST)
  • Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE)
  • Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE)


and match your expectations of these degree programs:


Computer Science - is it the right course for me?

The Online Studychoice Assistant (OSA) of the University of Freiburg can help you with this question!

Here you can check whether the Computer Science degree program suits you:



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