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Booking deadlines and seat allocation for Bachelor and Master courses

Please note: there might be different registration deadlines at other faculties; also: not all faculties use the booking systems for courses. If you want to attend an event to another faculty in the course catalog and do not see the button "assignment", no booking systems is necessary. To see the course in your personal schedule, please click on the course details, tick the "vormerken/reserve" and the course is stored in your timetable.

Booking periods for winter semester 2019/20:


Course type Booking period 1 Seat allocation Booking period 2

1. Oct. 2019 till 12. Jan. 2020

 (instant registration, optional waiting list)

Exercises and lab courses

1. Oct. 2019 till 
11. Oct. 2019

(Submission of booking requests with priorities)

12. Oct. 2019

(seat allocation)

13. Oct. 2019 till
31. Oct. 2019

(Filling up remaining seats, instant registration)

Seminars (Comp.Sc.)

21. Oct. 2019 till
30. Oct. 2019

(Submission of booking requests with priorities)

31. Oct. 2019

(seat allocation)

1. Nov. 2019 till
08. Nov. 2019

(De-registration possible)

Bachelor and Master projects

after prior topic assignment and discussion with supervisor:

1. Oct. 2019 till 12. Jan. 2020


If you have any questions, please visit our website for information and explanations on the subject of Course booking.


Booking deadlines for the program Intelligente Eingebettete Mikrosysteme

The booking deadlines for this course are individually determined and communicated on the website of the program. For questions, please contact the Student Advisory Service of the program.


Registration / Deregistration for exams and course work

For more information regarding exams please look here.