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Course booking

By booking a course you indicate the intention to attend this course in the respective semester. The booking of a course at the Faculty of Engineering is done via the study planner in the campus management system HISinOne
By pressing the "Apply" button (in German "Belegen") you register yourself as a participant of the course.

How to use the study planner and the HISinOne system is explained in the wiki of the Campus Management department.


Booking periods

There are certain time periods and deadlines you have to keep in mind regarding the booking process.

The deadlines at the Faculty of Engineering can be found here: Calendar and Dates

The deadlines for events outside the Faculty of Engineering (like the Center for Key Qualifications/ Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZfS) or other faculties and departments) 
are usually different. Please find out the information about their deadlines yourself in time!

Please note that not all faculties are using the booking process. If you would like to take a course of another faculty and there is no "Apply" button and also no booking period given, you do not have to book the course via HISinOne. In that case, other registration methods may be common practice (by email, entry in paper lists, etc.). 
To view the course in your personal timetable, anyways, put a checkmark next to "pre-booking" in the course details. 

Booking procedure and possible status  

There are different types of booking procedures, each of which is slightly different:

Depending on the booking procedure, you will see different status names:

[This section is under construction and will be completed as soon as possible...]


Why book your courses?

By officially booking your courses you can organize your semester in a structured way (i.e. you can see very quickly in the timetable whether two courses overlap in time) and the lecturers can send messages to all participants (like notify them about room changes or canceled lectures). As part of the teaching organization process, room occupancy can be better planned, scripts prepared or the number of required tutors can be better estimated. And last but not least: only those students on the participants lists can take part in the course evaluation done each semester.


By booking a course you do not express any intention about whether you will take an exam in this course (this semester or at all). Registration for an exam is an independent step.

Overview of the semester in the course catalog

For your planning you might want to get a rough overview of all the courses offered in the current semester. You can access a faculty-internal, user-friendly version of the course catalog: