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Examinations: Withdrawal from exams

Deregistration from examinations in the first attempt

  • You can deregister from any exam in the first attempt independently via HISinOne up to seven days before the exam date.
  • During the registration period, you can also deregister from exams yourself via the campus system.
  • Please note that you must set the deregistration date and time exactly (e.g.: exam xyz will take place on 13.03.2024, 10.00 a.m. = deregistration possible until 06.03.2024, 10.00 a.m.).
  • Deregistrations winter semester 2023/2024 (in the first attempt) are possible from 15.01.2024 00.00 hrs.

Can I deregister from an examination in a repeat attempt? (compulsory registration after failing)

  • No, it is not possible to deregister for a repeat attempt.
  • Withdrawl would only be possible with a reason (e.g. illness on the day of the examination; to be proven by a medical certificate) upon application to the examination board.

Withdrawal from missing an exam due to illness

  • In case of illness, you must supply proof of your illness by submitting a medical report or medical certificate form to the Examination Office.
  • Please note that the medical examination must be done at the latest on the same day of the missed exam.
  • In case of illness while writing the final thesis, the medical certificate must be submitted immediately after the medical examination.
  • The medical certificate should include a description of the illness (for example, description of pain) and to what extent this temporarily prevents you from writing an exam or writing your thesis.
  • An exact diagnosis is helpful but not necessary. However, the clearer the doctor’s description is, the easier it will be to determine your inability to take an exam or complete the thesis on time (for example, if you have a fever and are diagnosed with the flu).
  • It is not sufficient for your doctor to write that you are ‘unable to write an exam or unable to complete the thesis’.
  • Furthermore, the Board of Examiners does not accept an ‘Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigungen’ (incapacity certificate).
  • If the Board of Examiners has any reason to believe that the medical certificate is unfounded, it can require you to see a public health officer.

The medical certificate must be submitted to the Board of Examiners no later than three working days after the examination; to meet the deadline, send your sick note/attest to the Examination Office by e-mail ( as a photo attachment.

  • You should always notify the Examination Office of long-term illness and obtain a leave of absence from the Student Services Office.
  • You may be unable to complete coursework such as practicals and regular attendance of problem classes, which are requirements for admittance to exams, due to long term illness. If you are unable to complete coursework due to illness, please notify the Examination Office and submit a medical certificate.

Withdrawal from missing an exam due to illness of a child

If you have to miss an exam due the illness of a child for which you are the primary care giver, you must provide proof of the child’s illness forthwith by submitting a medical note or the medical certificate form, filled in and signed by a medical physician, to the Examination Office.

Withdrawal from missing an exam due to other reasons than illness

In this case, the student has to explain in a letter the reason of the cancellation request. This can be for example a disease of a family member, funeral in the family, religious reasons, political situation in the home country, etc. Supporting documents such as death certificates must be attached.

Students who wish to withdraw from an exam are required to credibly report the reasons for missing the exam immediately (latest 3 days after the exam) in written form to the Board of Examiners via the Examination Office.
The application does not need to have a certain form but should contain the following information:

  • Name, address, student ID number, date
  • Information regarding the missed exam(s)
  • Date of exam(s)
  • Reason for missing exam(s)
  • In case of illness, list of symptoms, the date of medical examination and the signature of the physician
  • Signature of the student