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Examinations: (Loss of) Study Entitlement

Key Points:

  • According to the examination regulations, you are allowed to retake every examination once if you fail it.
  • In addition, each examination regulation for the individual degree programmes regulates further repeat attempts.
  • If you fail an examination, you will automatically be (compulsory) registered for a resit by the Examinations Office. The repeat examination always takes place in the following semester.
  • Please note that even if you have exmatriculated from the University you would still be compulsorily registered to any re-take examinations, as the so-called "examination right relationship" is considered to be independent of your student status. This means that you can still lose your study entitlement even if you are exmatriculated.


What does "Loss of study entitlement" mean?

  • The examination regulations for each degree programme regulate when a student loses the the study entitlement due to having failed too many examinations.
  • This means that you are no longer allowed to study the same degree programme on our university or any other university in Germany.
  • However, there are exceptions if another university does not consider the subject in which the examination entitlement was lost to be a related subject.
  • The best thing to do is to ask the desired university/higer education institution whether it is possible to study the desired degree programme, stating the exclusion.
  • In the case of exclusion, it does not matter by which examination the entitlement was lost, or which examinations are still open if the study deadline has been exceeded. The loss refers to the corresponding degree programme.