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Examinations: Incomplete examinations procedure and study entitlement

When you register for an exam you conclude a legal (exam) relation.

You can only end this relation by

  • passing the exam(s)
  • de-registering from the exam(s) during the de-registration period (only possible in your first attempt of the exam)
  • withdrawing with a reason (e.g. illness on the day of the exam) after the de-registration period
  • failing all your exam attempts


If you don’t pass an exam you have to take the exam again and will be automatically registered for the exam in the following semester.


If you fail the exam for the third time, the exam is ultimately not passed, which means that the entitlement for your studies is lost. This loss for taking exams in your field of study applies to all universities in Germany that offer this subject.

Please note!
Before your third attempt of an exam you have the chance to visit the lecture again. In case the lecture is only held in a forthcoming semester you can move the exam registration of your third attempt towards the semester where the lecture is held. Please contact the examination office in that case!