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Examinations: I forgot to register for my exam. What can I do?

Subsequent examination registrations after the registration deadline are not possible.

  • Your examination regulations stipulate that examinations can only be registered for during the examination registration period.
  • Exam registration is completely separate from course registration.
  • You can find the exact dates and deadlines for exam registration here!
  • In addition, we will send you important information on exam registration to your e-mail address, which you have added to the distribution list
  • You must register for each examination. This can also include presentations, assignments, etc.
  • If you miss the registration deadline, you will not be able to register later. You will then not be able to take the examination in question.
  • Subsequent registration is possible in exceptional cases with an application to the examination board. The decision is always based on an individual case decision by the examination board and it is not guaranteed that the application will be granted. If necessary, write an email to the Examinations Office and we will advise you on the procedure for such an application.