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Examinations: (De-) Registration of exams

Important information about the coronavirus situation

In the interest of students and doctoral candidates, the in-person university examinations will be cancelled for the time 13 March 2020  to and including April 19, 2020. Students do not have to submit an application to withdraw from the examination for these in-person examinations cancelled by the University. The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg is currently trying to clarify the situation regarding state examinations with the responsible state examination offices. Information on the results will be provided as soon as possible. The faculties and the rectorate are compiling an examination overview which is constantly updated. All deadlines for final theses and seminar papers are extended by the duration of the library’s closure, i.e. by five weeks according to current information. In addition, registration for modules whose prerequisites cannot be met due to the regulations can be made subject to reservation. (

The summer semester 2020 started on 11 May 2020. The cancelled exams from the winter semester 2019/2020 were rescheduled at the Faculty of Engineering in the period from  20 April to 8 May 2020.

Due to this development, please note the following measures taken by the Examination Office and the study advisors from the Faculty of Engineering.

1. Office hours cancelled, Examination Office and Study Advisors

The examination office and the study advisors will NOT hold personal office hours. Please do NOT come to the Examinations Office or the study advisors (also not by chance!) and ONLY contact us by email or phone. All inquiries will be processed as quickly as possible, but we ask for your patience.

1.1 Telephone hours Examination Office

The staff of the Examination Office are offering fixed telephone office hours on Tuesdays from 9 am to 11 am. Please call us at this time.

(Updated on: 29 June 2020)

2. Issuing of final documents and general documents

Final documents and other required documents (certificates, transcript of records,) will be usually ONLY sent by post.
Please write us an email and we will process your request as soon as possible.

(Updated on 4 September 2020)

3. Registering your final thesis

If you would like to register your thesis, send us an e-mail and we will send you the registration form electronically by e-mail with a brief description of how the form should be completed. Please allow at least 2 weeks until you receive an answer from us.

(Updated on 4 September 2020)

3.1 Submission of theses

The submission is only possible exclusively digitally as PDF file to the examination office. From 7 September 2020 you have to submit only one bound copy (hardcopy) of your thesis to the examination office  latest 4 weeks after the digital submission.

PLEASE NOTE! It is NOT possible to submit the hardcopies in the library of the faculty.

The bound copy needs to be submitted by post to:

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Technische Fakultät
Georges-Köhler-Allee 101
79110 Freiburg

(Updated on 7 September 2020)

3.2 Presentation of your thesis

Since 23 June 2020 oral exams can take place in person again, that includes the presentation of the final thesis.

Please note, however, that the approval of oral exams is only given under the condition that the requirements for protection of an infection must be complied with. You can find the requirements under "Can oral exams take place in presence?"

Attention! If you would like to hold the presentation as a video conference exam, where you will not be at the university or another comparable institution, you must appy as described in point 9.

(Updated on 21 July 2020)

4. Deadlines for submitting theses as stated in the official notices

The deadlines for the submission of theses mentioned in the notices of the examination offices were extended by the time of the library closure (5 weeks from 16 March 2020), unless the duration of the library closure has already been taken into account by the examination office when issuing the notice.

5. When were the exams from winter semester 2019/2020 rescheduled?

The period from April 20 to May 8, 2020 was used to make up for cancelled examinations  and to complete written study and examination papers that could not be processed due to the interruption of study operations from March 16 to April 19, 2020.

(Updated on 19 May 2020)

5.1. When will the exams in the summer semester 2020 take place?

  • Together with the Examination Office, the Examination Board has decided to set the examination period in SS 2020 over a longer period than usual.     
  • The examination period is from 1 August to 15 October 2020
  • The examinations in the compulsory areas are scheduled by the examination office for the period 10 August to 30 September 2020.
  • The time window from 1 August to 8 August 2020 and 1 October to 15 October 2020 should be a buffer to be able to react to possible changes / new regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, however,  examinations in the elective areas may already take place.   
  • The examination office is currently planning to occupy 10% of the room capacity. For example, in the two large lecture halls in building 101, this means that only 20 examinees per lecture hall are allowed.
  • Furthermore, we would like to point out that due to the room capacities and a possible overlap with planned seminars or practical works, the examination office may also have to schedule examinations on Saturdays

All further information on the examination period in SoSe 2020, including the deadlines for registering and de-registering for the exams, can be found below.

(Updated on 19 May 2020)

5.2 Can oral exams take place on site in summer semester 2020?

  • Conducting oral exams on site is possible without a special permit
  • Admission to oral exams is subject to compliance with the requirements regarding the protection of an infection (Hygiene regulations of the University):

1.)  No more than 20 people in one room

2.)  Minimum distance of 1.5 metres

3.)  Covering of mouth and nose if it is not possible to maintain the rquired distance. Covering mouth and nose when entering leaving the building.

4.)  Sufficiently large room, ventilate regularly

5.)  Follow-up of infection chains: documentation of names (examinee, examiner, assessor) , date and time (duration). For external visitors: name+ telephone number

6.)  No admission if person has had contact with an infected person within the last 14 days and/or suffers from symptoms (respiratory infection, elevated temperature).

7.) The examinee must bring a signed declaration, stating that he is not suffering from any symptoms nor had contact to an infected person. The declaration can be found under 7.

8.) Konowledge of the hygience regulations of the University of Freiburg

General SARS-CoV-2 Hygiene Regulations for the University of Freiburg (SARS-CoV-2 University Hygiene Regulations)

9.)  Notification of the above requirements for examiners, assessors, examinee and if necessary visitors to the exam

10.)  The dean is responsible for compliance with the regulations on infection protection.


(Updated on 21 July 2020)

5.3 Can written exams take place on site in summer semester 2020?

  • Written exams on site can take place without a special permit
  • Requirements for protection against infection must be followed
  • Deviations from the above requirements (see: oral exams on site):


1.) Exams take place in rooms with designated "Corona-Seats". Minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be kept in all directions. Rows are filled from back to front.

2.) Exam papers are laid out on each table before the exam. Submission of the exam either through the examinee while keeping the required distance or collected after all examinees have left the room.

3.) Follow-up of infection chains: Documentation about attendees (examiner, assessor, examinees), date, time (duration), room. Each examinee will receive a designated seat including a seat number. The seat number must be stated on the declaration (see No 7) which the student brings to the exam. 

4.)  A room plan will be prepared by the faculty, which contains the numbering of the "Corona-Seats" in each room.  A copy of the room plan must be kept with the declarations from the students attending the exam. The seat number may be used to reconstruct who was sitting in the vicinity of an infected person.  The room plans are currently being drafted by the manager of the Technical Services of the faculty and will be linked under 6.4 from Thursday, 30 July 2020.

5.) It is forbidden that student gather infront of the room(s) before or after the exam(s).

 (Updated on 21 July 2020)

6.4 Room plans ("Corona-Seats") summer semester 2020

The room plans for the examinations at the Faculty of Engineering can be found in the following list:

(Updated on 30 July 2020)

6. Declaration stating that you are not subject to a coronavirus infection when taking on-site exams at the University of Freiburg

Each student must bring a signed declaration to their exam(s). A non-official translation can be found here! Please use the official German form which you can find on the German website at No.7)!

(Updated on 27 July 2020)

7. Leaflet on conducting oral video conference exams outside the university or other institutions

The leaflet contains information on how to conduct oral exams as a video conference at the University of Freiburg in perspective of the current restrictions on study and exam operations due to the Corona Regulation of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Oral examinations can generally be carried out as a video conference, even if the candidate is at a different location than the premises of the University of Freiburg or another institution. Insofar as this is provided for in the Corona statutes, this includes in particular study and examination achievements in the Bachelor, Master and Magister courses as well as the teaching degree at grammar schools and the state examination courses. The leaflet can be found at the bottom of following website:


(Updated on 12 May 2020)

8. Application for an oral exam held as video conference outside the university or other institution

Due to the corona epidemic, the University of Freiburg allows oral examinations to be conducted as a video conference under the statutory provisions, even if the candidate is at a different location than the premises of the University of Freiburg or another comparable facility. An application from the candidate is required for this. The application can be found at the bottom of following website:

(Updated on 12 May 2020)

8.1 Declaration on the independent provision of an oral examination hold as a video conference examination

The document must be printed out, completed in block letters and signed by hand. It can be submitted by post or as a scan / photo by email. It must be ensured that the document is completely recorded and clearly legible. If there is no printer available, the entire document can also be written down by hand - in block letters. You can find the document at the bottom of following website:

(Updated on 12 May 2020)

9. Correction time of exams

We try to minimize delays in correction times and the booking of exams, but we ask for your understanding if delays do occur.

10. Review of examinations

  • Students have the right to review their exams for one year. In order to avoid that several people come together in a confined space, it is recommended that the exam review is initially limited to urgent cases, i.e. especially in cases in which the exam was not passed. Students who have passed their exams should postpone their exam review to the next semester if possible.

  • Students who did not pass their exam or who lost the right to take further exams as all exam attempts have already been used  will receive a notification from the examination office. The student can appeal this notificaions with the Borad of Examiners. They will get in touch with the examiner concerned.

  • Alternatively, the student can contact the examiner directly and (if possible) arrange an individual appointment to view the exam directly with the examiner.

  • At their own request, the chairs may conduct an exam review for all participants, provided that the hygiene regulations and distance regulations can be adhered to.

  • The examination regulations (B.Sc., M.Sc.) stipulate that within six weeks of the announcement of the evaluation of exams, which also include the thesis, the student can apply with the examination office to review their exam. An official application is neccessary.The inspection should be granted within four weeks of the application.

  • Regarding the exam regulation, please note that the examination office cannot answer any content-related questions and / or assessment questions when viewing your exam(s) at our office.

(Updated on 11 September 2020)

11. Automatic de-registrations ("forced exmatriculation")

De-registrations will not be carried out due to missing written coursework or will be withdrawn if the coursework could not be performed due to library closures or the prohibition of examinations.

12. Registration SS 2020 due to postponements of examinations

In order to take examinations and study achievements, that are postponed to the summer semester 2020 due to the corona virus, you have to register for the summer semester 2020.  There will be no late payment fee of 10 euros for registrations after March 13th, 2020. The registration deadline for the summer semester runs until March 24, 2020 (receipt of payment).

12.1. Registration international students / fees, whose final exam had to be postponed to summer semester 2020

A re-enrollment for the 2020 summer semester is required. In this case there are no tuition fees of 1,500 euros. You only have to pay the semester fees of 155 euros by transferring the amount.

13. Enrollment in the Master if a Bachelor's degree is not yet available due to postponements of examinations

 In cases where students cannot obtain their bachelor's degree due to postponed exams and therefore cannot be admitted to the master, a solution can only be found on the premise that the enrollment deadlines and especially the start of lectures are postponed. The subjects and the examination offices must assure that they will enable the examinations to be taken at the beginning of the lecture period.

14. Information from the Rectorate

Please visit the university's website regularly, where we will update information and answer individual questions as quickly as possible. We will also provide information on how to contact the SCS and the examination offices and on arrangements for the summer semester 2020 on this homepage. They also will continue to keep you informed about central developments or changes via 'Der Rektor informiert'!

We strive to act in the interests of our students in all matters and will contact you as soon as we have relevant information.

With kind regards
Examination Office TF + Academic advisors
Freiburg, 4 September 2020



General Information on examinations

The Landeshochschulgesetz (state law on higher education) and the academic examination regulations require that you have to submit an application for admission to participate in examinations. You automatically submit this application with your online registration for the examinations via the Campus Management System HISinOne.

Only those who have applied for admission to the examinations by the online examination registration get the admission to attend the examination and are on the list of the exam participants. Those who have not registered within the examinations registration deadline are not allowed to enter the examination room and to attend the exam. 

The exam registration period for the summer semester 2020 starts 29 June and ends 29 July 2020.

You register for your examinations via HISinOne or, if that doesn’t work, please send us an e-mail or use the registration form.

Please check after registering for examinations if the registration was successful and possibly make a screenshot as a proof.

Please note that the pdf examinations schedule will not updated regularly and only the examination dates on the HISinOne platform are binding.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the examination period is extended in the summer semester 2020. It is possible that exams also take place on Saturdays.

Examination period summer semester 2020: 1 August to 15 October 2020

From the summer semester 2020 you can de-register yourself from each exam (if you are in your first attempt) up to 7 days before the exam date via HISinOne.


Estimated examination period for the winter semester 2020/2021:


Examinations period winter semester 20/21 Examinations registration period winter semester 20/21
15.02.- 31.03.2021 07.12.2020 - 17.01.2021



Where can I find detailed information about exams?

Detailed information can be found at A to Z - Study FAQ.

Do you have any question?

Contact the team of the examinations office via e-mail or telephone.