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Courses from other subjects in B.Sc. study programs at TF

Here you will find the most important information on the regulations regarding courses and modules from other subjects in the Bachelor of Science study programs at the Faculty of Engineering (TF), valid for the PO versions 2018. The rules are different for former PO versions; for those, please refer to your respective examination regulations (PO for "Prüfungsordnung").


Can I or must I attend courses / modules in my bachelor's degree that are not directly related to my subject?

In the Bachelor of Science degree programs at TF, elective courses / modules from outside of the subject itself can (engineering programs) or must (computer science program) be taken. The scope and the rules differ depending on the examination regulations; please read the relevant details in your exam regulation.


Which subjects and courses / modules can I choose?

The subjects and courses that are open to students of the Faculty of Engineering are listed in the planner of studies in HISinOne or are mentioned in extra PDF documents on the program websites (heading "Curriculum"). Please note: The selection for the Bachelor of Computer Science and for the engineering programs is deliberately different.


Can I just take any course of my choice that is not on the list of elective courses / modules from other subjects? If not, is there an option to apply for an exception?

Since there have to be cooperation agreements between the subjects, it is not possible to simply choose just any course in any possible subject. However, according to the examination regulations, the board of examiners can approve further suitable courses or modules upon request. (Mind you: Such an application might potentially be rejected!)

This application must be made using the application form (PDF) provided by the Faculty of Engineering. This document also describes the organizational process; if you are interested, please inform yourself in good time about the necessary steps!


What are the deadlines for courses / modules from other subjects?

For courses and modules at other faculties or in other subjects, different deadlines usually apply than at the Faculty of Engineering. Namely for exam registration and examination periods as well as (if the registration procedure is used at all) for the course booking / registration in HISinOne. Therefore, please inform yourself in good time in the course catalog or on the websites of the relevant subject.

Regarding the course booking / registration: If you want to attend a course of another faculty and do not see an "Apply" button in HISinOne (study planner or course catalog), booking / registration for this course is not possible. To ensure that the course is still displayed in your personal schedule, you can use the "Save in schedule" option in the course details, then the course is shown your schedule. Please note: this is not the same as an official registration!


How and when do I register for course work or  pass-or-fail achievments (Studienleistungen, SL) in courses / modules from other subjects?

For courses or modules from other subjects that are integrated in the HISinOne planner of studies, you can also register the achievement(s) there. Please note: Depending on the characteristics, there may be course work (SL) as well as a final pass-or-fail achievement (SL) for a module (e.g. for the exercises and for the examination); in that case, all SLs must be registered in order to receive the ECTS.

For courses or modules from other subjects that have been applied for and approved as an exception, please refer to the application form for the relevant information.

The registration deadline differs depending on the subject. Please inform yourself in good time by reading course description or ask someone from the faculty of the subject itself.


Courses or modules from other subjects are pass-or-fail achievements (Studienleistungen). Does that mean I don't have to take an exam?

The statement in the exam regulations "In the elective modules from other subjects, only pass-or-fail achievements are to be completed." does not mean that you do not have to take an exam. If the respective course / module includes a written or oral exam, this must also be successfully completed in order to receive the ECTS credits. But since for you it is a pass-or-fail achievement and not a graded examination, it is only about passing the exam; more detailed results are not relevant.