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Booking of (pro)seminars in Computer Science

The registration procedure for proseminars and seminars in Computer Science (and those are also part of the Bachelor program in Embedded Systems Engineering) is a procedure in which you initially submit booking requests only. (Priorities are assigned to indicate which seminars would be preferred and in which one you would only like to participate if you do not get into your preferred ones.) A system-controlled distribution process from HISinOne tells you in which (pro)seminar you got a seat. After that, there is a short cancellation period in case you change your mind. Anyone who does not deregister within this period, but simply breaks off the (pro)seminar at some point, will fail!

Please note: There is a special booking period for (pro)seminars; please find the respective information on the website Calendar and Dates - Booking deadlines and seat allocation for Bachelor and Master courses 

Details on the registration procedure are explained in the video clip Booking of seminars in Computer Science (English).

You can find a summary with the explanation in the document Anleitung zur Seminarbelegung - How to register for seminars (PDF).