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Examinations: Orientation examination

The student has to prove in the orientation examination that he/she has basic knowledge and skills in his/her study course and that he/she is eligible for the chosen course of study. The orientation examination is performed in a course-related fashion and has to be passed successfully by the end of the second semester, at the latest by the end of the third semester (with possible repetitions). If the student doesn’t pass the orientation examination at latest the end of the third semester, he/she will lose the entitlement for his/her studies unless it is not his/her fault. The responsible examinations board decides about such cases; the student has to apply for that evaluation.


Corona Update on the deadline extension!
LHG, §32 paragraph 5a, sentence 1:
"For students, the deadlines for the completion of subject-related study and examination credits in a degree programme are each extended by one semester if they are enrolled in this degree programme in the summer semester 2020 or in the winter semester 2020/2021."
This has been centrally stored in HISinOne.
Specifically, this concerns in particular the deadline for the orientation exam, for the fulfillment of conditional courses in relevant Master degree programs as well as deadlines for BAföG.
Please note: The deadline extension does NOT affect the expiration of old examination regulations.