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Examinations: Academic appeal

Examinations: Academic appeal

The following guidelines are offered without warranty and are subject to change. Only the regulations stated in the examination rules for your degree program, the University Act of Baden-Württemberg and the Administrative Procedure Act of Baden-Württemberg legally apply. 

Acts of administration and appeals
Exam notifications are acts of administration. Acts of administration are generally issued in written form and contain information regarding the legal remedies available and other important information. If you do not agree with the content of the exam notification, you are allowed to file an appeal within one month after the issue of the notification.

Your appeal must be signed and submitted in written form. The letter of appeal may be submitted personally, by mail or by fax to the examination office. Submitting an appeal by e-mail is not legally binding.


You are only allowed to file an appeal within one month after the notification was issued. The notification is considered issued when the examination office delivers the notification personally or by mail (arrival in mailbox or delivery by mail carrier). If you are unable to file an appeal within the given deadline due to mitigating circumstances, you can apply for a reinstatement of the previous rules with proof of why you are unable to meet the deadline. In this case, you must submit a mitigating circumstances form and the appeal within two weeks after the reason for impediment no longer applies.

Your reasons for filing an appeal should be formulated in a clear and understandable manner. Any necessary proof should also be attached.
When reviewing an appeal, the Board of Examiners will review the notification being contested in light of your objections. Should the review lead to a positive re-evaluation of your real and legal situation, the Board of Examiners will remedy the objection by repealing the notification. If the Board of Examiners decides that the appeal is invalid and/or unfounded, the case will be passed on to the appeals officer responsible in the Rector’s Office. There, your case will be reviewed again according to the legality and expedience of your appeal. A final decision will then be made regarding whether or not to accept or reject the appeal.