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Language courses

At the University of Freiburg, language courses are offered by the Sprachlehrinstitut (SLI). Non-EU nationals can take one language course per semester for free. However, the number of free seats in those courses is limited. It is therefore recommended to register immediately after the start of the registration period. For registration and information, please go to the APIS web page.

EU nationals or students who didn't manage to obtain one of the free seats may register for a language course directly via the SLI web page.

Students who are enrolled in one of the following study programmes and regulations can obtain credits for one language course in the customised course selection area:

M.Sc. Computer Science (PO 2020)

M.Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering (PO 2021)

M.Sc. Microsystems Engineering (PO 2021)

M.Sc. Mikrosystemtechnik (PO 2021)

Typically, for international students, a German language course would be accepted. If you want to take a course in any other language and have it credited to your customised course selection area, please ask your programme coordinator for approval.