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The curricula of the study programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering do not contain any mandatory internship. Nevertheless it can be useful to complete an internship in a company, for the following reasons:

  • it will provide you with insight into the professional life of an engineer or scientist
  • practical experience gained through an internship or student job will be an asset when you apply for your first job after graduation
  • you may establish important contacts with potential employers
  • Bachelor students can get ECTS for an internship if they do it as a BOK.


Internship as berufsfeldorientierte Kompetenz (BOK)


If you are enrolled in one of our Bachelor programs and you want to complete an internship in a company, it can be recognized as a BOK if it fulfills the requirements outlined on the website of the "Center for Key Qualifications" (Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen - ZfS):

How to find an internship?

Apart from the usual online job and internship markets, there are some websites which might help you to find an internship in your study field. These websites include:


The following institutions offer internships to the students of the Faculty of Engineering on a regular basis:

  • Xaar in Sweden (Dr. Zapka) (for MSE and ESE students)
  • Dublin City University in Ireland (Prof. Dr. Jens Ducrée) (for MSE students)


An internship abroad

IAESTE is a non-political, independent, international organization that offers internship placements abroad. You can find more information on the IAESTE website.

Scholarships or financial aid for travel expenses related to an internship abroad can be obtained via the Erasmus Program or Auslands-BaföG (only for students who are eligible for BaföG in general).

Some of the Faculty of Engineering's department chairs are also involved in international projects, including some research institutes or companies outside of Germany. You may ask them for advice.