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Hiwi and other student jobs


Hiwi stands for "Hilfswissenschaftler" (research assistant) and is used for student jobs in research or teaching offered by the university's departments or department chairs. The advantages of a Hiwi job are that you can earn some money, get insight into how the departments and research groups work, and gain practical experience in an area that is related to your study field.

But how can you find out about open Hiwi positions? There are several options. You can find Hiwi job offers

  • on the website of the department chairs
  • in e-mails sent out to the TF market mailing list
  • on the notice board for jobs in building 101, ground floor
  • on the notice board  in the buildings where the chairs have their labs and offices
  • via word of mouth
  • by asking PhD students.

If you are enrolled as a full-time student, you are allowed to work up to 85 hours per month.

Students who are not EU-nationals have to observe an additional limit. They have a restricted work permit that allows them to work up to 120 days per year full-time or 240 days part-time.

Other Student Jobs

It is, of course, also possible for students to take up a job outside the university. We do receive job offers from a lot of companies. These are usually forwarded to the students via the "markt" mailing list. To receive these mails you need to sign up for the markt mailing list here. The same job offers are also posted on the notice board for jobs on the ground floor of building 101.

Another option is to look for jobs at one of the five Fraunhofer Institutes based in Freiburg as well as Hahn-Schickard or the FAIM members.

Students who are interested in doing something not related to their studies might be able to find an interesting job offer on the SWFR job portal.