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I want to quit my studies. What do I have to do?

Exmatriculation refers to the removal of your name from the list of current students when you leave the university.

Students who have completed their degree are exmatriculated automatically at the end of the semester in which they take their last examination (i.e. end of September or end of March). Students who wish to leave the university before completing their degree need to apply for exmatriculation at the Student Registration Office during the registration period.

Note for students with an incomplete examination procedure:
Although exmatriculation ends your status as a student of the university, it does not free you of your responsibility to complete an examination procedure. Notwithstanding your exmatriculation, you have a legal obligation to complete any examination you have registered for. This obligation is not fulfilled until you have passed or irrevocably failed the examination. For more information on the legal aspects of examination procedures, please contact your examination office.

I finished my studies successfully. Will I be exmatriculated automatically? 

If you don’t exmatriculate by yourself, you will be exmatriculated automatically at the end of the semester in which you finished your studies (i.e. at the end of September or end of March).

I only have to submit/defend my thesis next semester. Do have to register for the next semester? 

Yes, you need to stay matriculated as long as you haven't submitted AND defended your thesis. But you don't have to wait for the grading of your thesis. You can exmatriculate yourself directly after having had your defense. If you exmatriculate yourself in the first 4 weeks after the beginning of the lecture period, most of the fees will be reimbursed. More information.