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Examinations: Leave of absence and taking exams


  • Students on leave of absence may not take any examinations, not even examinations which are mandatorily regsitered for by the examinations office (=repeat loop of examinations after failing).
  • Students on maternity leave or students caring for close relatives are exempt from this rule.
  • The misleading sentence from the application for leave of absence on the website of the Student Service Center "Students on leave of absence may take examinations that are not part of a course" does not apply to Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, as there are no examinations in these regulations that are not part of a course. The above sentence refers to examinations that have to be taken independently of a course, e.g. an intermediate examination in a diploma degree programme.

Leave of absence is applied for via the Student Service Center. Detailed information can be found at

Please note,

  • that the Examinations Office is not informed by the Student Service Center when students take a leave of absence
  • that you contact us at the Examinations Office (by e-mail) as soon as the semester of leave has been approved, so that we can postpone a possible compulsory registration to a later semester.