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ECTS Grading Table (Download Option)

What is an ECTS Grading Table?

The ECTS Grading Table represents the distribution of overall grades achieved within a given cohort. For this purpose, the total grades awarded in the respective subject of the Master's or Bachelor's degree programme in the Bachelor's or Master's examination from the past six semesters are recorded and their numerical as well as their percentage distribution among the grade levels according to §27 (B.Sc. Framework Regulations) or § 21 (M.Sc. Framework Regulations) is determined and presented in a table (ECTS Grading Table). Therefore, all grade steps from 1.0 to 4.0 are listed for the total grades of the cohort and the percentage values achieved in the specified comparison period are assigned in each case.

How to read the ECTS Grading Table?

The PDF states: "The ECTS grading table shows the total final examination grades awarded in the respective subject and degree from a comparative period". The key word here is "comparative period", which means that the table in the PDF does not show the current semester that was searched for, but the comparative period (i.e. everything before), because this forms the actual cohort. Since the Examination Office has been searching since 2014, the number of hits is correspondingly high.


On the basis of this table, the student can say: "Those before me scored like this, I scored like this
and can now compare myself with them." This means that the most recent cohort does not appear in the PDF with its performances, but only the comparison period.

When are the ECTS Grading Tables published?

  • Between 1.11.-1.12. for the summer semester
  • Between 1.5.-1.6. for the winter semester


Where can I find the ECTS Grading Tables to download?

Please refer to the German version of this articel (