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Courses from other subjects / Application area, M.Sc. Computer Science

Students of the Master degree program in Computer Science must take elective modules from other subjects with a total of 18 ECTS. There are different regulations, depending on the examination regulations (PO version 2011 or PO version 2020). Please read the details in the examination regulations that apply to you.

The most important key points are:

PO 2020:

In the module Customized Course Selection, 12 or 18 ECTS credits must be earned by completing suitable courses or modules from other  subjets / departments of the University of Freiburg. (Depending on whether an additional computer science lecture is taken.)

The elective courses / modules from other departments can be chosen from different subjects, you don't have to take them all from the same area. The subjects and courses that are open to students in the Master of Science Informatik / Computer Science program are listed in the study planner in HISinOne or in this overview.

Exceptions must be requested in advance. The application must be submitted formally (i.e. as a letter), with the reason for the choice of the course stated, to the Computer Science program coordinator (Ms. Nopper). It is assumed that the lecturer of the course and/or the program coordinator for the relevant subject have given their consent to the participation of the Computer Science student. The dean of studies for Computer Science decides on the application. (Please note: It is possible that an application might also be rejected.)

All exams and performances in these courses / modules are pass or fail assessments (Studienleistungen) only (and are therefore not counted for the final grade).
Please note: this does not mean that you do not have to take any exam. If the respective course / module includes a written or oral exam, this must also be successfully completed in order to receive the ECTS credits. But since for you it is a pass-or-fail achievement and not a graded examination, it is only about passing the exam; more detailed results are not relevant.


PO 2011:

Students must choose one subject for their so-called application area in which 18 ECTS are earned according to the specified study plan. The module requirements are set in detail by the relevant faculty. The individual modules in the various areas are shown in this overview.

Students have to take examinations in the application area that are subject to the usual strict repetition guidelines and that are included in the final grade. (Repeated failure can therefore lead to finally failing the whole master’s degree program.)

Instead of modules in an application area, it is also possible to make an application to the Board of Examiners to do an "interdisciplinary project". In that case, the student has to visit a course in the field of the project and pass an exam or/complete an assignment in the course.