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Computer Science

Computer Science

To create robots that work independently, computers that learn to understand images, mind-controlled prostheses or algorithms that are getting faster and smarter - that's how exciting and diverse computer science is in Freiburg. We teach and research on topics that will shape our everyday lives in the future.

The indispensability of computer science

Computer science has become such an integral part of our lives, whether it’s our smartphone, cars that drive themselves or an Internet search. From medicine to business administration, mechanical engineering, biology, psychology to sociology and archeology - all spheres of life and science today rely on computer science. Acquire the necessary skills to develop versatile systems.

Our main focuses in computer science studies are:

  • Robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Machine vision and computer graphics
  • Algorithms and navigation
  • Software and security


The benefits you will have as a computer science student in Freiburg:

  • With about 1100 students and 22 professors, we offer you an excellent student-teacher ratio.
  • A balanced combination of theory and practice is our goal.
  • Our lectures are mostly recorded. Regardless of place and time, you can thus repeat the material before an examination.
  • Innovative teaching methods and modern equipment await you.

After high school graduation – Our Bachelor degree programs

And afterwards – Our Master degree program

Doctoral / PhD Program and Postdoctoral / Habilitation Program