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Computer Science


IIF: Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science (IIF) is a young, modern and technically well-equipped department of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Freiburg. It was one of the first German university departments to introduce internationally recognized study systems.

The department is a key partner in major interdisciplinary research projects and an active member of research both at national and international level.


Nothing works without computer science: What shapes our everyday lives today and in the future! 



Development of pioneering technologies

Computer Science is the basis of progress in the 21st century and is used everywhere: in everyday life, when you use a mobile phone, book a trip on the internet or drive a car. In industry, when production and business processes are handled and optimized.

Actively shaping technical progress

In Freiburg, we work on current issues that cover a broad range of future-oriented technologies, so that you can fully utilize the enormous innovation potential of computer science.

Diverse future perspectives

From medicine to business administration, mechanical engineering, biology, psychology, sociology and archaeology - all areas of life and science relay on computer science. Join us in aquiring the theoretical and scientific foundations to help shape the technological future.

Main areas of research

Our aim is to turn today's visions into tomorrow's solutions.

Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Wireless sensor networks and distributed storage systems
  • Analyzing and synthesizing hardware and software systems


Information Systems

  • Efficient route planning on very large transport networks
  • Improving gene therapies and antiviral drugs through deep learning
  • Development of methods that allow computers to interpret image content


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Faster and more effective understanding of scenes through AI
  • Recognizing complex patterns through AI in medicine
  • Development of wearable systems and machine learning methods


Neurotechnology and Robotics

  • Development of learning robot systems with AI
  • Human-like perception for self-driving cars


Examples from research:

The Department of Computer Science is working on pioneering research topics in which the physical and digital worlds are linked in such a way that fundamentally new solutions can be developed.


Entwicklung von lernenden Robotersystemen mit KI

Sonderforschungsbereich „Small Data“

Robots that navigate and interact with AI

Recognizing complex patterns using AI in medicine
Neuronale Aktivitäten im sensomotorischen Kortex Auf dem Weg zu einer menschenähnlichen Wahrnehmung für selbstfahrende Autos
Development and use of neuroprotheses Human-like perception for self-driving cars


You can find the whole range of current research here.


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