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Interdisciplinary project, M.Sc. Computer Science (PO 2011)

Candidates for the degree program Master of Science in Computer Science (PO version 2011) have to complete modules totaling 18 ECTS in non-specialist areas. Alternatively, they can complete an “interdisciplinary project” encompassing 18 ECTS in a non-related field. As part of this project, the student must complete a thematically appropriate course with either the corresponding examination or a term paper in addition to the project work in the relevant main subject. Elective module courses in other subjects will be determined by the subject-related board of examiners and are listed in the appropriate corresponding module guidebook. Based on a student’s application, appropriate courses in other subjects approved by the subject-related board of examiners can be considered, even if they are not listed in the module guidebook. The subject-related board of examiners decides on the suitability of interdisciplinary projects.

Apply for an interdisciplinary project

The Board of Examiners is responsible for the approval of the interdisciplinary project. Please provide the following documents to the Examination Office when applying:

  1. Application Form
  2. Content description certified by the responsible professor/supervisor of the project
  3. Bibliography


Please submit your documents in their entirety to the Board of Examiners at the Faculty of Engineering.