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Professors of the Faculty of Engineering

(in alphabetical order by last name)





Ambacher Oliver Gips-Schüle-Chair for Power Electronics inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Amft Oliver Intelligent Embedded Systems Lab iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Ataman Çağlar Microsystems for Biomedical Imaging Laboratory
(Junior professor)





Backofen Rolf Bioinformatics iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Balle Frank Walter-und-Ingeborg-Herrmann-Chair for Power Ultrasonics and Engineering of Functional Materials (EFM) inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Bast Hannah Algorithms and Data Structures iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Biere Armin Computer Architecture iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Bödecker Joschka Neurorobotics Lab iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Brox Thomas Pattern Recognition and Image Processing iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Buse Karsten Optical Systems imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Cojocaru-Mirédin Oana Eva-Mayr-Stihl Chair for Multi-Scale Characterization of Materials Systems inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Daus Alwin Sensoren
Dehé Alfons Georg H. Endress Professur für Smart Systems Integration imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Diehl Moritz Systems Control and Optimization Laboratory imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Dsoke Sonia Electrochemical Energy Storage and Storage Systems inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Eberl Christoph Laboratory for Micro and Materials Mechanics imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Egert Ulrich Laboratory for Biomicrotechnology imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Glunz Stefan Photovoltaic Energy Conversion inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Grabocka Josif Representation Learning
(Junior professor)





Henning Hans-Martin Solar Energy Systems inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Hiermaier Stefan Gips-Schuele Chair for Sustainable Systems Engineering inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Hutter Frank Machine Learning Lab iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Kuhn Fabian Algorithms and Complexity iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Kuhl Matthias Microelectronics imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Milana Edoardo Soft Machines
(Junior professor)





Neuhaus Holger Material Systems for Solar Energy Use inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png



Pastewka Lars Simulation imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Paul Oliver Microsystem Materials Laboratory imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Podelski Andreas Software Engineering iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Quay Rüdiger Fritz-Hüttinger Chair for Energy-Efficient High-Frequency Electronics inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Rapp Bastian Process Technology imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Reiterer Alexander Monitoring of Large-Scale Structures inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Rohrbach Alexander Bio- and Nano-Photonics research group imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Rühe Jürgen Chemistry & Physics of Interfaces imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Rupitsch Stefan Electrical Instrumentation and Embedded Systems imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Schindelhauer Christian Networks and Telematics iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Scholl Christoph Operating Systems iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Stieglitz Thomas Biomedical Microtechnology imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Stolz Alexander Resilience Engineering inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png



Teschner Matthias Computer Graphics iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Thiemann Peter Programming Languages iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Valada Abhinav Robot Learning iif-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Wallrabe Ulrike Mikroactuators imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Weidlich Anke Control and Integration of Grids inatech-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Wöllenstein Jürgen Gassensors imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Woias Peter Design of Microsystems imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png





Zappe Hans Gisela and Erwin Sick Chair of Micro-optics imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png
Zengerle Roland MEMS Applications imtek-logo-slogan-d-web.png


Coopted Professors

(in alphabetical order by last name) 

Hofmann Ulrich G. Peter-Osypka-Professor for Neuroelectronic Systems
Kohl Peter Experimental Cardiovascular Medicine
Moseler Michael Functional Nanosystems
Zaitsev Maxim Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology University


(in alphabetical order by last name)

Hanemann Thomas Materials Processing
Paust Nils
Ronneberger Olaf Image Processing
Schuierer Sven
von Stetten Felix Hahn-Schickard-Institute of Microanalysis Systems
Wimmer Ralf Computer Architecture - Team Bernd Becker
Ziegler Cai-Nicolas Databases and Information Systems


(in alphabetical order by last name)

Breunig Ingo Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK)
Lorenz Elke Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Preu Ralf Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE


(in alphabetical order by last name)

Borchert Juliane Junior Research Group Lead
Calvino Céline Calvino Research Group Junior Research Group Lead
Dincer Can Disposable Microsystems Junior Research Group Lead
Slesarenko Viacheslav MetaLab Research Group Junior Research Group Lead
Vierrath Severin Electrochemical Energy Systems Junior Research Group Lead


(in alphabetical order by last name)

Azarhoushang Bahman Hochschule Furtwangen
Mescheder Ulrich Hochschule Furtwangen
Möller Knut Hochschule Furtwangen
Mozaffari-Jovein Hadi Hochschule Furtwangen
Sikora Axel Hochschule Offenburg
Sulzmann Martin Hochschule Karlsruhe


(in alphabetical order by last name)

Albers Susanne Algorithms and complexity
Arras Kai Social robotics and human-robot interaction
Ament Christoph Systems theory
Asplund Maria ElectroActive Coatings group
Basin David Software Engineering
Becker Bernd Computer Architecture
Behnke Sven Humanoid robots
Burgard Wolfram Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Bennewitz Maren Humanoid robots
Burkhardt Hans Pattern recognition and image processing
De Raedt Luc Machine Learning and Natural Language Systems
Fischer Peter Web Science
Haußelt Jürgen Materials Process Engineering
Hennig Jürgen

Medical Physics
coopted, Prof. ret.

Kaiser Anelis Gender Studies in MINT
Korvink Jan G. Simulation
Kuhl Matthias Modeling and design of integrated interface circuits
Lausen Georg Databases and information systems
Leue Stefan Computer networks and telematics
Lienkamp Karen Bioactive Polymer Synthesis and Surface Engineering
Manoli Yiannos Microelectronics
Meier Matthias Microfluidic and Biological Engineering
Menz Wolfgang Process Technology
Müller Günter

IIG Telematik
coopted, Prof. ret.

Nebel Bernhard Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Ortmanns Mauritz Integrated interface circuits
Osorio Anayancy Bioinspired Materials for Biomedical Engineering
Ottmann Thomas Algorithms and data structures
Ragni Marco Cognitive Computation
Reindl Leo Electrical measurement and test methods
Reinecke Holger Process technology
Riedmiller Martin Machine Learning and Natural Language Systems
Schmidt-Thieme Lars Computer-based New Media
Schneider Gerhard Communication Systems
Schwarz Ulrich T. Optoelectronics
Tangermann Michael Brain State Decoding Lab
Urban Gerald Sensors
Van Laerhoven Kristof Embedded Systems
Vetter Thomas Graphic data processing
Weber Eicke

Angewandte Physik, Solarenergie
coopted, Prof. ret.

Wilde Jürgen Assembly and Packaging Technology
Zacharias Margit Nanotechnology
Zimmerling Marco Embedded Systems