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Start Ups

Technology transfer from academia to industry

Spin-offs occur in all research areas of the Faculty of Engineering and concern socially relevant issues. Here you can find an overview of our successful spin-offs and startups.

Actome 2023

"Detection and Quantification of Single Proteins and Protein Interaction"

Actome is a biotech start-up, founded in 2017, developing cutting edge technology in the field of proteomics and interactomics.

Actome’s pioneering PICO technology enables a highly versatile and sensitive approach to detect and quantify proteins, protein interactions, and post-translational modifications by translating protein status into DNA barcodes using digital PCR technology.

Actome was spun out in 2018 by Dr. Peter Koltay and Dr. Csaba Jeney from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.

Atlas 2023

"Brain Interfacing and beyond"

ATLAS Neuroengineering reveals the quest towards fundamental understanding of local and global neuronal networks using smart micro-scale implants that lead to improved diagnostic tools and new therapeutics for brain related diseases and disorders.

ATLAS Neuroengineering was spun off from the Materials for Microsystems Engineering Chair and imec from Leuven (Belgium) in 2012.

Biofluidix 2023

"Liquid Handling Solutions"

BioFluidix is a well established microfluidic technology company settled in the heart of Black Forest Gemany, focusing on ultra-low volume liquid handling automation, as well as application-orientated research and development.

We design and develop advanced liquid handling technologies, which lighten your workload and enables you to achieve top results in your projects. Our patented dispensing technologies as well as the manufacturing and customization of automated liquid handling workstations help our customers all over the world to implement all kind of applications in industry, life science and diagnostic field.

BioFluidix was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.

Cytena 2023

"Single Cells on Demand"

Based in Freiburg, Germany, CYTENA aims to provide the finest life science technologies to researchers and lab technicians around the world. We combine advanced automation, state-of-the-art software engineering and the latest insights in molecular biology to create systems that simplify complex lab workflows, all while making these processes more efficient and affordable.

Since 2014, we have developed strong relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious pharmaceutical companies. Our technology provides solutions for a wide range of application areas including stable cell line development (CLD), single-cell omics, high-throughput screening and drug discovery.

In addition to our cutting-edge technologies, CYTENA aims to provide exceptional customer service and user-friendly designs to foster accessibility, collaboration and progress in the lab. As a part of BICO, the world’s leading bioconvergence company, we strive to create the future of health.

CYTENA was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.

Cytena 2023

"Revolution of Cell Culture"

CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions Co., Ltd (CBS) is founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of BICO (formerly CELLINK), a world leading bioconvergence group.

CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions focuses on offering bioprocess solutions for, but not limited to pharmaceuticals and top research institutes. We have established collaboration with leading academic institutes and industrial companies in researching, development, and application. With the close connection with BICO, we share the resources, experiences to bring our novel and comprehensive product into the global bioprocess market.

CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.


"Thinking. Ahead. In Neurotechnology"

CorTec was founded in September 2010 as a limited liability company based in Freiburg. CorTec is developing a neurotechnological platform for measuring and stimulating brain activity. Possible applications for this lie in the most diverse areas of therapy, rehabilitation or assistance technology.

The company is a spin-off of the University of Freiburg and has its origin in a cooperation of neuroscientists, engineers and physicians at the Institute of Biology, the Chair of Biomedical Microtechnology of the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) and the University Hospital.

Dermagnostix 2023

"Moving Diagnostic Frontiers in Dermatology"

We build leading innovative molecular diagnostic solutions at scale and at point of need for diagnostic laboratories, dermatologists and academic and pharmaceutical research organizations. With our quick, precise and automated tests, we enable skin experts to recommend the best treatments for human skin health.

Dermagnostix was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.


"Mobile Laser Data Acquisition"

Freiburg-based dotscene GmbH creates high-resolution 3D models from laser data acquired by drone and terrestrially. By combining state-of-the-art sensor technology and complex algorithms for data fusion, dotscene GmbH is able to dynamically capture laser data both indoors and outdoors with and without GPS support. Globally optimized three-dimensional point clouds are calculated from this data.

The company was founded in 2016 jointly by members of the Autonomous Intelligent Systems working group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Freiburg and the Freiburg-based drone startup Hangwind.

endiio Logo

"Sensing the World without Batteries"

Based in Freiburg and Vienna, endiio GmbH offers a retrofittable and maintenance-free IoT sensor platform for condition monitoring of machines and plants. The patented and worldwide unique wake-up radio technology enables a robust and real-time capable IoT solution with very low energy consumption.

endiio is a spin-off of Prof. Reindl's Chair of Electrical Measurement and Testing (IMTEK) and was founded in 2015.

EH biosense 2023

"Enabling Lab-grade Molecular Biology Analyses using Microfluidics"

In 2021, Endress+Hauser BioSense was founded in Freiburg, Germany, as a joint venture of Endress+Hauser and Hahn-Schickard combining decades of experience in process automation and microfluidics.

At Endress+Hauser BioSense, we believe in serving our customers and learning from their needs to develop products that have a positive impact. We combine advanced microfluidic automation with innovative sample preparation techniques to offer simple and fast workflows. By eliminating the need for highly specialized laboratory infrastructure and personnel we make PCR-based analysis easily accessible.

Endress+Hauser BioSense was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.


"Drop-on-demand - Process for Printing Liquid Viscous Materials"

Epainters develops, manufactures and licenses the Epjet™ printhead technology, which enables the first drop-on-demand application of paints and coatings in all areas of industrial manufacturing. This process is free of spray mist, reduces paint consumption and increases productivity in industrial coating technology.


"Augmented Worlds"

5D Lab has set itself the goal of bringing technologically sophisticated, innovative products and services with a short "time to market" to the market within the electronic games industry and to pick up on new technological trends such as cross platform gameplay, geolocation and augmented reality functions at an early stage.

5D Lab GmbH is a start-up company in the electronic games industry, which was founded on February 24, 2012 out of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg.


"Leading Innovation and Meshless Research"

The company FIFTY2 Technology GmbH develops novel technology for fluid simulation. Areas of application are in automotive engineering, hydraulic engineering and the animation industry.

The company is a spin-off of the Department of Computer Science (IIF),

"The Implant Care Company"

Plasma medicine opens up a new chapter in healthcare. We are right there, at the technological forefront to improve the health and quality of life of people.

A full smile is an essential part of who we are and how we are perceived. Dental implants give us our confidence back when life hit us hard. We designed and developed AmbiJet from the ground up for dentistry, pushing back the boundaries of what is thought impossible. To deliver the next generation of implant care. So that you keep smiling.

The team combines half-a-century of expertise in the fields of plasma physics, microsystems engineering, life science and dentistry. Blended with our experience in prospective clinical trials, regulatory affair, and business administration, we go beyond technological and clinical excellence: we want to deliver a device for the best possible implant care.

Freiburg Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 2018 from a collaboration between the Chair of Sensors (IMTEK) and the Clinic for Dental Conservation and Periodontology (University Hospital).


"Glass making in the 21st century"

Based on scientific breakthrough discoveries, we believe in the power of our unique technology. As a constantly growing team of scientists, financial and sales experts, production and quality managers, we are working on Glassomer, the glass technology of the future: easy, powerful and energy saving.

Glassomer was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory of Process Technology (Prof. Dr. Bastian Rapp).

Innrion 2023

"Made to measure - Miniaturized Measurement Technology that suits you"

Complex technical developments, Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things only become possible through professional system engineering. INNIRION works here with the most modern methods and software tools.

A modular solution platform consisting of highly miniaturized sensor and communication components promises a customized solution with fast time-to-market.

The consistent use of established fieldbus systems and communication standards enables almost unlimited scalability and offers maximum flexibility for your application.

Our customers from the mechanical engineering and automotive industries appreciate our short development times and agile project management.

The company INNIRION GmbH was founded in 2016 from the professorship for electrical measurement and test methods (Prof. Reindl). INNIRION develops measurement systems for non-contact process monitoring and component control.


"Membranes for Electrolyzers"

We need to stop using fossil fuels – next-generation electrochemical converters make it possible! Membrane-electrode-assemblies are the core of every electrochemical converter and our passion. We are a science-driven green tech start-up - we want to bring our latest innovations from lab to market.

Ionysis was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.


"Elevating Wind Turbines to the Sky"

Kiteswarms is developing the future of wind power. The startup is a spinoff of the Chair of Systems Theory, Control and Optimization (2017) and builds vertical-launch, coupled fixed-wing aircraft (kites) that harvest wind energy at high altitudes. The more constant wind conditions at high altitude allow for tremendous yield, reliability, and profitability. The superiority of this technology over conventional wind power has the potential to be a disruptive innovation in the energy market. The stated goal is to make global energy needs green, secure and available to all.

Logo Labmaite

"How to access Cell Intelligence for Cancer Research"

The start-up LABMaiTE, founded in 2021, aims to simplify the performance of empirical cell experiments with the help of artificial intelligence and automation. The experimental data obtained will be evaluated and interpreted fully automatically by the software. The autonomous execution of experiments is intended to improve the reproducibility of experimental results, give scientists more time for their research and tap the potential of artificial intelligence in the field of automated cell culture.

The spin-off is being carried out in collaboration with the Neurorobotics Lab of the University's Department of Computer Science, the Lighthouse Core Facility of the University Hospital Freiburg and the BioThera Roland Mertelsmann Foundation.


"Unleashing your Therapeutic Innovation with Human 3D Disease Models"

MIMETAS was founded in 2013 by IMTEK alumnus Dr. Paul Vulto (Professorship of Sensors) and developmental biologist Dr. Jos Joore in the Netherlands. MIMETAS develops organ-on-a-chip technologies that provide better predictive models for drug development in a rapidly growing market. IMTEK's patented Phaseguide technology is the basis for MIMETAS' unique membrane-free co-cultivation technology integrated into the OrganoPlate®.

"Smart Stimulation"

neuroloop GmbH was founded in 2015 and is located in the BioTechPark Freiburg. The company is active in the field of bioelectronic medicine. The aim is to develop an active implant for personalized, regulated hypertension therapy.


"IT Solutions for the Transformation of the Energy Sector"

OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES wurde Ende 2016 als GmbH mit Sitz in Freiburg
gegründet. Das Unternehmen bietet Energiedienstleistern und solchen, die es noch werden wollen IT-Lösungen für die Transformation des Energiesektors an.

Das Unternehmen ist ein Spin-Off des Freiburger Fraunhofer-Instituts für Solare Energiesysteme ISE und der Professur für Künstliche Intelligenz des Instituts für Informatik der Universität Freiburg.

Logo des Unternehmens Phaseform

"Refractive Adaptive Optics"

Our goal is to make AO affordable and practical, and to bring decades long cutting-edge AO research into fruition with innovative products and technologies. Phaseform aspires to become a leading adaptive optics technology company with a clear vision of continuous innovation - in a New Era of Adaptive Optics​.

Phaseform is a deep-tech startup and was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers and scientists from the Gisela-und-Erwin-Sick-Professorship for Microoptics at the Department of Microsystems Engineering - IMTEK at the University of Freiburg.


"Wireless Passive Sensing"

Sensawtious GmbH was founded in 2022 and specializes in signal filtering and wireless passive measurement. Our software allows us to design passive surface wave based filters and sensors. This allows the realization of extremely robust, maintenance-free and precise measurement systems that allow monitoring temperature, pressure, voltages etc. in processes where wired solutions cause high maintenance costs or are not possible e.g. on moving tool carriers.

Spindiag 2023

"Rapid Point-of-Care Detection of Infectuous Diseases"

Spindiag was spun off in 2016 from the Department of Microsystems Engineering - IMTEK at the University of Freiburg and the Hahn-Schickard Research Institute, one of the leading research institutes for microsystems engineering, with the mission of enabling a system for the rapid screening of patients for antibiotic-resistant germs on hospital admission. In 2020, the company will expand its product range to include a Corona rapid test that can be used to quickly identify COVID-19 sufferers.

Spindiag was spun out from the IMTEK Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Dr. Zengerle) and Hahn-Schickard.


"Sensor and Navigation Solutions in Buildings"

Telocate was spun off from the chairs of Electrical Measurement and Test Methods (IMTEK; Prof. Reindl) and Computer Networks and Telematics (IIF, Prof. Schindelhauer) in 2014. Telocate GmbH develops sensor and navigation solutions in buildings, including the high-precision smartphone location system Telocate ASSIST.


"Customisable Capabilities for Liquid State NMR Spectroscopy"

Voxalytic offers customisable capabilities for liquid state NMR spectroscopy, and are especially applicable when screening medium to large chemical libraries, when sample volumes are small, or unusual environmental conditions apply.

Voxalytic was founded in 2014 from the professorships of Simulation (then Prof. Jan Korvink) and Microactuatorics (Prof. Ulrike Wallrabe).


"Mobile Communications - But Sustainable and Different"

Wetell offers green and fair mobile communications. It combines mobile communications with climate protection, data protection and transparency - and shows that sustainable awareness and economic success are not mutually exclusive.

The company was founded in July 2019 with the support of the Chair for Control and Integration of Grids (INATECH, Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich).


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