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General Information



To qualify for admission to doctoral studies,

1. you must be a highly motivated graduate with a qualifying degree from:

a) a master program of a German university,


b) a program of a German university or a college of education with a standard study length of at least four years,


c) a program built upon an undergraduate degree at a German university, or a college of education or other colleges with the right to award PhD degrees,

in the fields of computer science, mathematics, or engineering - especially in microsystems engineering - or in the field of natural sciences.

2. You must not be accepted in the same scientific field by another faculty or university as a PhD candidate and/or for the PhD examination procedure and must have never passed the PhD examination in the same scientific field at any other universities.


Before you begin / Application for Acceptance

Before applying to a PhD research program, you must secure a supervisor. The first step is therefore to contact one of the professors in the field where you intend to pursue your doctoral degree in order to find out whether they are interested in your proposal and whether they may be available to provide supervision.

You may then apply for an admission as a doctoral student, which is initially done via the online system Docata. After completing your online application for admission as a doctoral student in Docata, you need to print it, sign it, and submit it to the doctoral examination committee of your faculty, together with all other required documents.


Important Information (New PhD Regulations):

Since October 1, 2016, new PhD regulations are in force. Please note: according to §27 of the new regulations

  • The old PhD regulations apply to all PhD processes, which had already started before October 1, 2016.
  • The new PhD regulations apply to all doctoral candidates who will apply for acceptance.
  • The old regulations apply to all PhD students who were already accepted before October 1, 2016, unless they apply for the new ones.

Presentation of the new regulations from
November 3, 2017