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Meeting Dates of the Doctoral Committee



During WS20/21 and SS2021 the meetings of the Doctoral Committee will take place on the following dates:


Thursday, 03.09.2020

Thursday, 01.10.2020

Thursday, 05.11.2020

Thursday, 03.12.2020

Thursday, 14.01.2021

                                                          Thursday, 04.02.2021

                                                          Thursday, 04.03.2021

                                                          Thursday, 25.03.2021

                                                          Thursday, 06.05.2021

                                                          Thursday, 10.06.2021

                                                          Thursday, 01.07.2021

                                                          Thursday, 29.07.2021

                                                          Thursday, 02.09.2021


***Please make sure you contact Ms. Baghi 10 days in advance, in order to add your PhD case to the agenda list for the upcoming meeting.***