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Examinations: Admission to module examinations

For each module, students must complete assessed coursework in order to be admitted to the final module exam. Assessed coursework can include regular attendance, presentations, quizzes, written exams, exercise sheets and class minutes. The nature of the coursework is defined in the module handbook for each program. You will also receive information about the required assessed coursework in the first class.
In a module consisting of, for example, a lecture and exercises, the exercises can be the assessed coursework that must be successfully completed to get the admission for the final module exam.

If the student has successfully passed the admission criteria, the student will get the admission for the final examination. This admission persists even if the exam is not taken later and not in the same semester.

If the coursework is not successfully completed, the student will not be allowed to take part in the final module exam. Students who do not fulfill a module’s exam admission criteria will receive a non-admission notification from the Examination Office.