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The approximate cost of studying in Freiburg amounts to approx. 4200 Euro per semester. The official programme duration is four semesters, but you should take into consideration that you might need five semesters to complete the programme.


Tuition and enrolment fees 145 EUR
German language course (optional) 160 EUR
Rent 1800 EUR
Health insurance 492 EUR
Public transport 89 EUR
Food 1200 EUR (approx.)
Phone, internet etc. 80 EUR (approx.)
Monthly fee for Radio and TV 18 EUR
Books 70 EUR (approx.)
Clothes etc. 90 EUR (approx.)
TOTAL 4200 EUR per semester


The Faculty of Engineering offers the Christoph-Rüchardt scholarship, which is a part funding of 2400 Euro per year. To be eligible for this scholarship, your final Bachelor's grade has to be 1,5 (German grading system) which is equivalent to a CGPA of 3,5 out of 4.

It is very difficult for foreign students to get a scholarship from a German funding agency. Most of them have selection procedures that include interviews and assessment centers. Hence, advanced German proficiency is needed. In addition, applicants are usually required to have excellent grades and be involved in volunteer activities.

You should therefore have a solid financial basis for the whole duration of the Master's programme, before deciding to come to Germany.

More information about scholarships

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