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Check your exam results

The examiners are responsilbe for entering the results of the examinations into the campus system. Once the examiner has released the results provisionally or definitively, the candidate automatically receive a message to his/her e-mail account from the campus system.


login-hisinone Login in the campus system with your user name  and password from your UniAccount.
If you have problems with the log in, click on "Hilfe" or contact the " Rechenzentrum".



My Studies - My achievements

Click on "My Studies" and then on "My achievements" to get an overview.



My achievements - Check the status of your results

Under "My achievements" you get

  • Achievement Data online
  • Trancript of Records as a pdf-document


Open the online data.
For the results of your study and examination achievements, there are different entry status:


Eingabe läuft

This means that the examiner has started with the booking of the examination results.



Disclosed preliminarily

This means that the examiner gives you the opportunity to see your result. The result is only preliminarily released. After the exam review the result can still change. The result can be seen only in the online overview, not in the PDF document.



Final release of the results

The exam review has taken place, the examiner has finally released the exam results. If passed, the ECTS credits will be included in the ECTS-Account and the module will be marked as "passed". The result can be seen in the online overview and also in the PDF document.


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