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Booking of courses

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Booking for courses, why and what is that?

Booking is like a vitual knocking on the door and asking to come in. The booking of the courses helps you to organize your semester. In addition, the booking helps the lecturers organize their courses. The number of booked in students is importend from them to plan the room, to prepare scripts and set enough the tutors.


How do I register for a course?


The videos are created separatly for each study program, so everybody should find his/her own curriculum:


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There is no booking button, what does that mean?

kein belegbuttonThere can be different reasons like

  • the booking period is over
  • it is not necessary to book in for the course

When you click on the details of the course you can see the booking periods.
Please note that not all faculties are using the booking system for their courses. If you want to attend a course of another faculty and there is no booking button in the planer of studies and also no booking period in the details of the course it is not necessary to book in. To see the course n your personal schedule, open the details of the course and tick "prebooking" and the course is stored in your timetable.



If forgot to book in for the course. What can I do?

Please contact the lecturer of the course. Only he or she can book you in for the course.

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