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Student testimonials

Malte Ahl, Germany, Computer Science

I decided very early that I wanted to develop software that would enable everybody to have access to technology. In the beginning I was not used to the theoretical approach taught at the university.  But when I started applying what I had learned, I realized very quickly that most of the problems are easier to understand the more you abstract them.  More


Hoor Alhasani, Iraq, Applied Computer Science

The time I spent in Freiburg was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life, for I have learnt many new things both personally and professionally.  The choice of continuing my studies in Freiburg was based on both, my search for sophisti- cated scientific establishment and the positive recommendations that I received about the city, its university and its Master program in Computer Science. More


Oday Jubran, Palestine, Computer Science

I started my Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Freiburg in October 2009. The reasons why I chose this programme are (i) because it is research oriented and (ii) students can specialize in one out of six areas. I also like that the curriculum comprises a variety of courses, seminars, lab courses, student/team projects and a master thesis. More

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Sergiy Bogomolov, Ukraine, Applied Computer Science

Studying at the University of Freiburg is an unforgettable experience. The Department of Computer Science offers a wide range of courses covering cutting-edge topics. The infrastructure is very good, the professors are highly qualified and the teaching is of course excellent.
After completing the Master programme in Applied Computer Science in 2008,... More

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Volodymyr Goncharov, Ukraine, Applied Computer Science

Thanks to a scholarship from the German Academic Excange Service (DAAD) I had the opportunity to study my Master’s at the University of Freiburg. There were mainly two reasons why I chose to study in Freiburg: First, because the university offered the study field I was looking for, and second its attractive location in the South of Germany. The Faculty of Engineering offers the opportunity to students... More

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Elmar Haussmann, Germany, Applied Computer Science

My aim has always been to combine research and economy, which is the reason why I did my Bachelor studies at a Cooperative State University, where I worked part-time with IBM while doing my Bachelor’s in Applied Computer Science. Thanks to this work experience I was able to get a job with IBM immediately after graduation. More


Sergio Christian Herrera Salazar, Mexico, Applied Computer Science

A small city with great opportunities - this is my personal definition of Freiburg. In the beginning, I never had heard about this city of 200,000 inhabitants, located in the South of Germany. However, when I searched for options to study my Master’s in computer science, I found the University of Freiburg, which in this field is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany.

Studying at the University of Freiburg has been...  More

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Kaswara Kraibooj, Syria, Applied Computer Science

Before coming to Germany I studied Computer Science at Tischrin University in Lattakia. My main reason for choosing to study my Master’s degree at the University of Freiburg was the university’s excellent reputation in the world. Now, having nearly completed my Master’s degree, I can say that I really benefited from studying at the Faculty of Engineering, because of: More

Zinan Lin, China, Applied Computer Science

In May 2007, when I was still at Tongji University, I received my second admission for a master’s programme in Germany. It was the admission for the Applied Computer Science programme offered at the University of Freiburg. Founded in 1457, the University of Freiburg is one of the oldest universities in the world. The University of Freiburg is also one of the nine German Universities of Excellence (designated in 2007 and 2009). More

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Pedro Roberto Vargas Borromeu, Mexico, Applied Computer Science

I decided to study at the University of Freiburg, because the programmes offered at the Faculty of Engineering cover a complete and up to date range of topics required for working in today’s industry or in research. Another very important reason was the excellent reputation of the University of Freiburg, which has been selected by the German government (together with only 8 other universities) to receive the title “Excellence University”.  More

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Li Zhang, China, Applied Computer Science

I got to know the University of Freiburg when I was still taking a German language course in Shanghai in 2007. One day I saw a brochure about the International Master Program of Computer Science published by the University of Freiburg. The configuration of the lectures and the beautiful scenery of the city attracted me greatly.  And my German teacher from Hessen told me that University of Freiburg is a very good university.  More



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