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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc Info)


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 Description of Degree Programme

Today’s information society would be unthinkable without computer science. From mechanical engineering to business administration, medicine, biology, language processing, psychology, sociology and archaeology – all of these scientific fields rely on computer science for processing data. The science of processing information using computer programmes is the basis for the Internet, mobile telephony, booking flights, conducting financial transactions and operating DVD players, televisions and cars. In short, computer science helps to keep the world turning. First-year students should ideally be very curious and be able to think analytically. They should enjoy solving difficult problems, think outside of the box and work well in teams. Thinking flexibly and creatively is vital for the development of new analytical concepts in the ever-changing areas of application. If you have experience with abstract concepts in mathematics or physics and know how to apply mathematical methods to practice, then computer science is for you. Computer science is not just about programming, but also about the practical application of solutions using computers.

Total Credits and Standard Length of Studies

180 ECTS points
6 semester resp. 3 years

Language of Instruction

Mainly German

Start of Courses

Winter semester (October - March)


Apply online, unlimited admission

Entry Requirements, Examination Rules and Curriculum


Clause regulations of the academic rules

The examination law contains a clause about changes within the exam regulations. This clause regulates (among others) how long a student can legally continue to study at the expired exam regulations until finishing their study programme.

  • Academic regulations 2009 ► Deadline 31.03.2016
    Students who study on the exam regulations version of 2009 must complete their studies until 31.03.2016. In case the degree cannot be completed within this deadline the student will automatically be transferred to the most recent version of the exam regulations.
  • Academic regulations 2012
    No deadline in place.

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