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Spatial Cognition: Reasoning, Action, Interaction

Spatial Cognition: Reasoning, Action, Interaction (SFB TR 8 / 2003-2014)

How do we humans find our way to a friend’s house or a place we have never been before? How do we understand the spatial structure of our environment, and how do we learn the layout of rooms, buildings or even cities? We can communicate spatial information and use it to act in an environment. We can grasp objects, move them around and manipulate them. We can imagine spatial configurations without having ever seen them in reality. And we can use this ability to solve complex technical problems, design buildings with diverse functionality and create impressive artworks.

Various scientific disciplines have addressed aspects related to how humans reason, act and interact in space. Much is known, for example, about how humans and animals perceive space, how we process spatial information and navigate through known or unknown spatial environments and how we talk about space. One of the greatest scientific challenges is therefore to apply this knowledge to the development of technical systems that support the spatial skills of humans and enable us to solve a wider range of spatial tasks.

This challenge is addressed in the interdisciplinary Transregional Collaborative Research Center: Spatial Cognition (SFB/TR 8). This collaborative research centre (CRC) was established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the Universities of Bremen and Freiburg in 2003 and consists of a variety of research projects from different scientific fields, such as artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, cognitive robotics, computational linguistics, computer graphics and neuroinformatics, and therefore demonstrates a high level of integration of interdisciplinary research.

After the DFG’s successful review of the transregional CRC’s renewal proposal, the centre will now be funded until 2014 as one of the few transregional CRCs to receive funding for a third phase. A total of €10.5 million in funding will go toward its 17 research projects.

Contact: Prof. Bernhard Nebel, Department of Computer Science

More information: http://www.sfbtr8.spatial-cognition.de/


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