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Key Management and UniCard


Sabine Diringer

  • Key Management
  • Activation of UniCard
  • Resource Management



Address: Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, 79110 Freiburg
Phone: [++49] 0761 203-8084
Fax: [++49] 0761 203-8082
Email: diringer [at] tf [dot] uni-freiburg [dot] de


Consulting hours for students

Mondays: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Thursdays: 9.00 – 11.00 am



Informations regarding the Locking System

The Dean`s office of the Faculty of Engineering administers the locking system for all buildings of the faculty. Keys and UniCard are necessary for access to buildings and rooms. There are keys for single rooms and keys for a group of doors.

A key is a safety feature and therefore needs special attention. In certain circumstances a loss of a single key can require the replacement of a whole locking system with very high costs. Please decide if you want to carry responsibility for a key which opens a lot of doors or if a key with a lower hierarchy is sufficient. In case of personal liability for key loss a liability insurance which encompasses key loss might be useful to cover high costs for replacement.


Application for a keys and activation of UniCard

Please use this form pdf-icon for request of keys and activation of the UniCard. You might complete the form on the PC. The form has to be signed by the senior supervisor (in general Professor) and is send via the secretary of the professorship to the dean`s office.


Issue of keys

The request of keys is checked by the dean`s office and keys are prepared for hand out. This procedure reduces the time for pick up. Keys can be picked up during the opening hours (see below). Please show the original signed request of keys.


Return of keys

Since the dean`s office doesn’t maintain a list of all persons in the faculty a cooperation with the secretaries is mandatory. Only the secretaries keep the most current overview of staff of each group. Leaving staff return the keys in the dean`s office. The key holder and the secretary will receive a receipt.


Loss of keys and UniCard

In case of loss of keys or UniCard please contact the dean`s office as soon as possible. The UniCard will be deactivated. In agreement with the specific professorship the dean`s office will decide on additional measures.


Key Monitoring

One time a year the dean`s office sends a list of delivered keys to each professorship for information purpose. The signed list is returned to the dean`s office.

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