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Junior Professorship (W1) for Neurorobotics in Computer Science with Tenure Track


Junior Professorship (W1) for Neurorobotics in Computer Science with Tenure Track



The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Freiburg invites applications for of a 

Junior Professorship (W1) for Neurorobotics in Computer Science with Tenure Track

In the Department of Computer Science to be filled as soon as possible.

The applicant’s research should be in the area of Neurorobotics in the junction of computer science, microsystem engineering, biology and medicine.

The tasks associated with the position include teaching students in the field of Neurorobotics.

In addition to drafting new robotic systems the research should focus on sensor data interpretation and motor control of robotic systems aiming at adaptivity and robustness. Methods for dealing interpreting data from Brain machine interfaces (BMIs) and for controlling prostheses are of particular interest. The applicant should hold scientific credentials in at least one field of artificial intelligence and should proof substantial experience in the area of Neurorobotics including

  • Computational models for biological neuronal networks and biological systems as well as application of these models on a draft and the control of a robotic system
  • Neuroprostheses
  • Interface to biological neuronal systems and BMIs

The professorship is located in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Freiburg. Close interactions and cooperation with researchers from the fields of Microsystems Engineering, Embedded Systems and Biological and Medical Neurosciences are envisioned.

Prerequisites for the employment of Junior Professors are a university degree, an outstanding dissertation and an excellent publication record.

This position is a fixed term of four years. After a successful interim evaluation, it can be extended by two years. In addition the position offers a tenure track option, leading to a full professorship (W3).

The University of Freiburg seeks to increase the number of female scientific faculty members and therefore strongly encourages qualified women to apply for the position. The university is committed to providing a family-friendly workplace.

Applicants with disabilities (Schwerbehinderte) will be given preferential consideration in case of equal qualification.

The following application documents are to be submitted:


Please send your application file together with the filled application form (http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/formulare/bewerbungsbogen_englisch.pdf/) not later than June 12, 2016. Please send your application documents packed in one pdf file to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg: dekanat@tf.uni-freiburg.de. Postal address: Georges-Köhler-Allee 101, 79110 Freiburg. You will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt within one week after the deadline the latest.


Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Code for Practice for professorial appointments, available under            
Contact person (faculty)

  Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen
Tel. 203-7461, 


Contact person (Office for Committees and Appointments)
 Tel. 0761 203 --4374,  
Date(s) of lectures open to university members
 November 14, 2017
Date of final session of appointment committee
 February 3, 2017
Date recommendation of appointment committee was approved in the Senate
 April 26, 2017
Date appointment was offered
 May 30, 2017
Acceptance of appointment (date and name)

 June 6, 2017 Dr. Joschka Bödecker

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