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Full Professorship (W3) for Gas Sensors

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg invites applications for a


Full Professorship (W3) for Gas Sensors

in the Department of Microsystems Engineering with a simultaneous appointment at the

Fraunhofer-Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM


to be filled by October 1, 2016.


We are looking for an internationally recognized personality characterized by outstanding academic qualifications and good teaching skills. Experience in the areas of microsystems engineering and development of sensors and sensor systems for continuous gas detection and electrical signal processing is needed. In particular, expertise in material research, building of complex, integrated microsystems as well as in-depth knowledge about gas properties and methods of gas analysis is desired.


The successful candidate will also be appointed as a group or department leader at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM. A proven track record in management and leadership of large scientific working groups, the acquisition of research projects as well as very good knowledge of German research and funding opportunities is required. The willingness to engage in interdisciplinary cooperation with other institutes is expected.


Prerequisites for the employment of Professors are a university degree, an outstanding dissertation and an excellent publication record. Substantial achievements and experience in academic research and teaching, at the level of a Habilitation according to the German academic system, are expected.The University of Freiburg seeks to increase the number of female scientific faculty members and therefore strongly encourages qualified women to apply for the position. The university is committed to providing a family-friendly workplace.



Applicants with disabilities (Schwerbehinderte) will be given preferential consideration in case of equal qualification.


The following application documents are to be submitted:


  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates of degrees and academic qualifications as well as references
  • Complete list of papers and invited lectures specifying the five most important publications
  • Detailed research profile
  • Teaching portfolio (the required form can be downloaded http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/formulare/lehrkompetenzportfolio-formblatt-en.doc.)
  • ·         Exposé of 4 – 5 pages stating the planned scientific working and development emphases in case of a successful appointment

In addition, we require the completed application form provided at http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/formulare/bewerbungsbogen_englisch.pdf. Please submit this form together with the abovementioned supporting documents by June 12, 2016 at the latest.

Please send your electronic application as a single PDF file (including the application form) to:

The Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg, Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, 79110 Freiburg, Germany, via the e-mail address dekanat@tf.uni-freiburg.de You will receive an electronic acknowledgement of receipt within one week.

Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Code for Practice for professorial appointments at http://www.zuv.uni-freiburg.de/formulare/berufungsleitfaden-en.pdf


Contact person (faculty)

  Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul
Tel. 203-7191,  paul@imtek.de

Contact person (Office for Committees and Appointments)
 Tel. 0761 203 --4374
Date(s) of lectures open to university members
 July 28 and 29, 2016
Date of final session of appointment committee
September 22, 2016
Date recommendation of appointment committee was approved in the Senate
 October 26, 2016
Date appointment was offered
 November 15, 2016
Acceptance of appointment (date and name)

 January 5, 2018 - Dr. Ing. Jürgen Wöllenstein

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